CANCER has been routinely induced by VACCINES since 1960

Oh, the insidious cancer industrial complex of America. Do not put anything past it. Vaccines have been dirty, adulterated and contaminated since the onset. You can’t even say the word ‘vaccines’ without some pro-vax-zealot/historian spitting up the name Jonas Salk and that supposed “medical triumph.” The highly-uncontrolled Polio vaccine experiment, and that’s what it was, of the 1950s and 60s, exposed nearly 100 million Americans to SV40 (Simian Virus 40), a monkey virus that can cause cancer in humans.

If you thought mRNA was the first vaccine to cause cancer in humans, think again. Take a close look at what Dr. Salk really did when he developed his so-called “vaccine.” Instead of using human tissues to grow the polio virus, he used rhesus macaque monkey kidneys. Then Salk used formaldehyde to deaden or “deactivate” it. After field trials where half-a-dozen kids were left with paralyzed arms from the vaccine, he declared it “safe and effective.” Sound familiar?

Guess what? SV40 catapults turbo cancer. That’s what’s happening now to people who got the mRNA gene-mutating spike-protein injections (Covid jabs). Each dose of an mRNA Covid injection contains millions, if not billions, of copies of SV40 enhancer, as identified in the Pfizer Wuhan Virus stab. These contaminants, like with the polio vaccine, trigger cancer cell growth, including fast-growing tumors (turbo cancer), and spread it, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the host, which is the human who got the vaccine (and thought they were building immunity, not destroying it).

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From Simian Virus 40 in polio jabs to spike proteins in mRNA, VACCINE-INDUCED CANCER is nothing new to the insidious medical industrial complex

For seventy years and counting, the medical industrial complex has been manufacturing cancer-causing vaccines, then using them as biological weapons of mass destruction on hundreds of millions of innocent people, all while disguising the weapons as “medicine.” They are still doing it. Who knows this? Health Canada knows.

Health Canada confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer’s Covid mRNA jabs. In fact, multiple sequences of SV40 were identified, according to Janci Lindsay PhD, director of toxicology and molecular biology for Toxicology Support Services, including an SV40 promoter in addition to an SV40 enhancer. Not sure of Dr. Lindsay’s credentials? Have a look.

Dr. Lindsay has EXTENSIVE experience, over 30 years of scientific experience, in toxicant pharmacology and the cellular effects of toxins that impair human health. Health Canada confirmed the presence of this contamination in the Pfizer vials, but never disclosed it to the public (as required in Canada and the USA). The cancer-causing monkey virus SV40 is ILLEGAL for use in vaccines, per U.S. federal law passed in 1961.

In other words, the vaccine industry purposely and illegally uses viral pieces or fragments (think spike proteins and SV40) as cancer promoters that is directly attributed to cancer development in humans. There are billions of copies of these viral fragments per dose of vaccine. Talk about chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders and turbo cancer. No wonder this is happening to millions of injected humans.

History repeats itself: mRNA-vaccine-induced CANCER nothing new if you dial it back to when the Polio vaccine gave millions of people SV40

SV40 is a known animal carcinogen that did not simply “find its way” into polio vaccines. They were engineered that way. This is very difficult for most Americans to wrap their head around. Here’s how you know. A federal law was passed in 1961 OUTLAWING vaccines from containing SV40. Why else would they point out SV40, among all the other viruses, bacteria and contaminants out there? Now they’re using it again in the Covid jabs, and nobody is calling it out, except a handful of whistle-blowing scientists and journalists, who are then smeared and silenced. History repeats itself. Follow the bouncing ball.

Did you know that mRNA-vaccine-derived analog of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein significantly INHIBITS DNA damage repair, and that repair is essential for preventing cancer? The spike protein localizes in the cell nucleus and suppresses the p53 gene, also known as the guardian of the genome, thus inhibiting DNA repair. Got breast cancer or ovarian cancer? Now you know the most likely culprit.

As for turbo cancer, researchers discovered that spike protein impairs VDJ recombination, a complex genetic process of the adaptive immune system that generates T-cell receptors and antibodies that can recognize and combat a wide range of pathogens. You can bet your last Microsoft update fee that Bill “Depopulation” Gates knows this inside and out.

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