Doctors warn about the “hidden harms” of bioengineered (GMO) “food”

The medical profession is finally catching up to the truth about genetically modified (GMO) food and the threat it poses to human health.

Increasingly more doctors are warning their patients about the “hidden harms” of transgenic foods, which in addition to being tainted with dangerous crop chemicals like glyphosate (Roundup) are also likely toxic in and of themselves.

Many people who eat GMOs, often unknowingly since most are still not labeled, report allergic reactions, antibiotic resistance, and other health problems that did not exist prior to the advent of biotechnology.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), bioengineered food constitutes any consumable good that “contains detectable genetic material that has been modified through certain lab techniques that cannot be created through conventional breeding or found in nature.”

Manufacturers are now required to label such foods as “bioengineered” or “derived from bioengineering,” usually in very small fine print, in accordance with a new disclosure requirement from the USDA that came into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. Despite this, few people are aware of these disclosures and what they mean.

“The possible effects on the human body when bioengineered foods are consumed is unknown,” warns Dr. Syed Haider, one such doctor who continues to warn that GMO foods are toxic, and have not even been fully vetted by the government that approved them for use in the food supply.

“The food itself could be toxic. It could cause allergic reactions or promote antibiotic resistance. It could also trigger immunosuppression or cancer, and there’s evidence that all of these are happening.”


“The way bioengineering technology for food works is you take a gene from some other organism, and you insert it, kind of at random, into the genetic code of the food you want to engineer.”

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Full impact of GMOs still not known – will biotechnology eventually lead to an extinction-level event?

As Dr. Haider rightfully points out, there is no knowing what these bioengineered “foods” are doing to people’s bodies, and particularly to the human genetic code. Are they rewriting people’s DNA to turn them into human hybrids, much in the same way that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” destroy human DNA?

“The problem is we don’t really understand the way the genetic code of anything works, and we could be changing the way that food grows,” Dr. Haider says. “It could create new toxins in the food, it could increase toxins that were already present in the food, and it can even increase the amount of external toxins the food soaks up.”

“We’re at the infancy of this technology. We’re fiddling around with things that we don’t fully understand, which I think is really scary, especially when you don’t check to see what the ultimate effects are. This is a progression of what’s been going on with the green revolution for decades.”

One thing that really upsets Dr. Haider is a newfound trend that tries to claim that GMO food is safer and healthier than organic food grown and produced the way nature intended.

“There’s a narrative that we’ve all been spoon-fed that this is necessary, that we would starve without this green revolution and genetically modified foods – but it’s not true,” Dr. Haider warns.

“We’re introducing technology into things that never needed it in the first place, and there are a lot of side effects that we’re going to see and hidden harms.”

According to the American Cancer Society, consuming GMO products “might create substances that could cause reactions” in people who suffer from allergies, potentially resulting “in high levels of compounds that could cause other health effects.”

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