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Technological terror: 10 Reasons why 5G could cause a global catastrophe

Fifth generation wireless technology (5G) will forever alter human evolution, inundating human cells and subtle energy systems of the human body with constant pulses of radio-frequency radiation and electromagnetic fields. 5G is a technological terror and could cause a global catastrophe of human health problems. Here are ten reasons why 5G must be stopped:

Disruption of voltage-gated calcium channels in human cells

5G alters cellular activity by activating the body’s voltage-gated calcium channels. According to EMF scientist Dr. Martin Pall, 5G electromagnetic fields force excess calcium ions to release into cells. This sets off a chain of reactions that increase peroxynitrite formation and free radical activity, damaging DNA and causing premature aging.

Deep EMF penetration and oxidative stress

The studies of Professor Hässig and his colleagues in Switzerland find microwave frequency EMFs to cause oxidative stress deep within the body of animals. Animals that grazed near cell phone towers were born with increased incidence of cataracts.

Multi-generational mitochondrial damage

Exposure to millimeter wave frequency EMF radiation causes damage to the mitochondria of cells and contributes to brain cancer.The DNA damage is cross-generational, mutagenic and can be inherited by offspring.

Neuro-psychiatric effects

The impacts of EMFs on the brain are subtle at first, but with cumulative, repeated exposure, can cause headaches, irritability, sleep disturbances, altered memory and depression.

Pulsed wave EMFs proven more dangerous and cause breaks in cellular DNA

EMF scientists Dr. Pall points to thirteen studies proving why 5G’s pulsed wave EMFs are more active and dangerous than the old continuous wave EMFs. Pulsed wave EMFS can cause single strand and double strand breaks in cellular DNA, while oxidizing cellular bases in cellular DNA. This is one way to cause cancer in the body.

Manipulation of the skin through sweat duct antennae

The frequencies that emanate from 5G can affect sweat ducts across the human body, potentially manipulating how the body regulates temperature. Because sweat ducts work like helical antennae’s, they absorb the electromagnetic energy from 5G radiation between 75 and 100 GHz. If the sweat ducts can be manipulated by 5G, then a person’s body can be manipulated into stress through this external channel.

Potential to become a direct energy weapons system

5G hardware uses a dielectric lens and can reportedly be operated in the sub-gigahertz range. Because of this, it will ultimately allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with one another. This technology could eventually double as a weapons system, because it is similar to long range radar, phased array radar, and directed energy weapons. In fact, the same technology is already used for crowd dispersal.

Potential to manipulate crowd movement

Because 5G uses short wavelength frequencies in the millimeter range, it could ultimately be used to hurt and manipulate crowds of people. These same short wavelength frequencies are used by the military’s non lethal Active Denial Systems to disperse crowds. When the waves hit a person, the person feels a burning sensation and will move.

Phased array densification

In order for 5G to work, there will need to be significantly more cell towers, stations and bases. Cities and residential neighborhoods will become polluted with new sources of radiation, which will send frequencies into homes, through brick walls and concrete. This influx of 5G infrastructure will include thousands of new small phased array antennas shooting out radiation in all directions, penetrating homes and human bodies.

Re-Radiation inside the body

Radiofrequency researcher Arthur Firstenberg explains that 5G pulses are shorter and must be delivered in multiple bursts. Because of this, the bursts are capable of re-replicating, over and over inside the body. In 2002, Firstenber wrote, “… when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body …”

5G promises faster internet speeds, but ushering in this new world of hyper-connectivity comes with multiple risks to human health. Some nations are banning 5G, while others are openly embracing it, without any care.

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