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Transgender “women” using hormone therapy are MORE likely to develop breast cancer

According to transgender dogma, using hormone therapy to try to switch genders is a completely safe, harmless and necessary line of treatment. But recently published research once again confirms that political agendas have no business in a medical setting. According to the latest research, trans women who undergo hormone therapy as part of their “transition” are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The transgender movement is rife with controversy; from child-grooming for pedophiles to crazed parents pushing trans identity on their kids for attention, there is no shortage of scandals in this so-called “fight for equality.” Regardless of how you want to spin it, the science is clear: You can’t change your biology — and trying to force it comes with many health risks.

Study links hormone therapy to breast cancer

Trans women, or men who “transition” to look like women, are increasing their risk of breast cancer by taking hormone therapy drugs, according to new research published in the British Medical Journal. Scientists from the University Medical Centre in Amsterdam studied 3,500 people receiving hormone therapy and compared their rates of breast cancer with the general Dutch population.

In total, 2,260 of the patients surveyed were transgender women — and 15 of them went on to develop invasive breast cancer, which is notably higher than the number of cases seen in the general population. Even though current research currently suggests that there is a link between hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer, the scientists do no discourage the use of HRT whatsoever. Instead, they simply suggest that trans women follow the same cancer screening guidelines for cisgender people.

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The risk of breast cancer is not the only potential risk that comes with gender transitioning. Many of the drugs used to treat transgender individuals carry the weight of burdensome side effects — and in the case of children and teens, these drugs can be especially damaging, including interfering with proper bone growth and brain development.

At the very least, healthcare professionals should be encouraged to discuss these risks with patients and their families before ushering in risky drug treatment programs.

Pushing an agenda serves no one

Under transgender totalitarianism, even discussing the potential risks of transitioning drugs and puberty blockers publicly is practically a hate crime. Instead of prioritizing the health of the individual, healthcare providers are being pressured by far-left LGBT radicals to pursue “treatment,” which basically must include hormone therapy, surgery and other insanity — or run the risk of being labeled a transphobic hate-monger.

Once again, the “tolerant” Left showcases their true intolerance — by essentially demanding that individuals sacrifice their health for the sake of the “movement.” Not only does the trans agenda dictate that transition services must be the primary line of treatment, proponents of transgender dogma are often profoundly against revealing any “weakness” in this so-called treatment.

The truth is that there are many former “trans” people who now speak out against the movement entirely. Former trans woman Walt Heyer paints a very different picture of what the trans movement is really like. According to Heyer, many so-called “trans” kids aren’t trans at all; instead, they’ve been groomed by their parents and are too young to know the difference. Heyer points to the case of James Younger as one such example.

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