Your body is a temple: Are you keeping it clean? Learn more by checking out the new film Secret Ingredients

Did you know that at least 80 percent of the American food supply is now contaminated with glyphosate, the primary cancer-causing ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide? It’s true, and every time you eat something containing glyphosate, you greatly increase your risk of developing cancer or some other serious chronic illness – if you aren’t already afflicted with one or more glyphosate-induced diseases, as millions of Americans unknowingly are.

In the eye-opening new film Secret Ingredients by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart, the subject of glyphosate contamination in the food supply is brought center stage, as doctors and other health experts reveal just how malignant the scourge of glyphosate contamination has become throughout North America. As Smith explained during a recent interview on The Robert Scott Bell Show about the film, glyphosate is arguably the most critical public health threat in our world today – far surpassing measles, gun violence, or any of the other mainstream media-manufactured “crises” that routinely dominate the headlines.

Watch below as Smith and Bell discuss how glyphosate is directly linked to all sorts of chronic illnesses ranging from reduced fertility, bowel cancer, inflammation of the gut lining, and premature aging – the latter being a particularly problematic phenomenon in young people who’ve had to grow up in an age dominated by genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), glyphosate (Roundup), and other chemical and biotechnological food production methods.

Among 92 couples with infertility, 100 percent of them were able to get pregnant after switching to an organic, glyphosate-free diet

Smith, as you may already know, is no stranger to independent science that goes against the grain – no pun intended. So naturally, Secret Ingredients is filled with many science-based success stories of folks who’ve benefited tremendously by switching from a conventional American diet to an organic, non-GMO, and perhaps most importantly, non-glyphosate diet.


One such success story involves 92 couples with infertility who were instructed by a renowned chiropractor to make the transition to clean eating – meaning no GMOs and no glyphosate. Remarkably, all of these couples were eventually able to get pregnant, revealing the amazing power of healthy eating to restore health and vitality.

In the film, Smith also discusses the results of another study that he himself piloted, in which patients with all sorts of chronic illnesses experienced dramatic recoveries simply by switching to a non-GMO, organic diet. He observed that clean eating resulted in full recoveries for:

• 85 percent of people with digestive problems
• 60 percent of people with chronic fatigue
• 54.6 percent of overweight or obese people
• 51.7 of people with brain fog
• 50 percent of people with anxiety, depression, or some other mood issue
• 50 percent of people with food allergies
• 48 percent of people with memory or concentration issues

And the list goes on and on, he says, with similarly amazing results in people with chronic pain, seasonal allergies, hormone problems, cardiovascular issues, autism, cancer, and more.

“These conditions were absolutely improved, not in a minor way, but in some cases completely reversed,” he says.

Study shows that glyphosate (Roundup) completely destroys the human gut

In another study conducted by gut microbiome expert Kiran Krishnan, it was further shown that, when it comes right down to it, glyphosate (Roundup) basically destroys the human gut, which we know is where most of the immune system lives. As part of his 90-Day Lifestyle Upgrade program, Smith says that people need to seriously consider the extent to which herbicide might be impacting their health, especially when trying to decide whether or not to make a major dietary transition.

“He had done a study where he used a simulated human gut, and put in a pristine microbiome from a three-year-old from northern Scandinavia who had never been vaccinated, never been sick, never took antibiotics, and then fed that food for two weeks, and then fed Roundup with the food for the next three weeks, and sure enough there were the changes in the microbiome that would be devastating, that would lead to cancer and to all of these other things,” Smith says about this particular study.

“All of them, every one of them, could be explained as to be linked to the specific damage that glyphosate did to the gut bacteria. Glyphosate also damages the mitochondria, and that leads to many of these diseases, and it also creates leaky gut, which leads to inflammation, which creates many of these diseases. It also blocks absorption of minerals, same story, and hormonal problems, same story, and neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin, they could explain the mood issues and the insomnia and being overweight.”

If any of this sounds like you or someone you know, it’s definitely worth your while to check out the film Secret Ingredients and share it with your family members, friends, fellow church members, and really anyone you know who might benefit from the information it contains.

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